Working in the Industry

The retail industry gives everyone the chance to explore their passions and use their talents. With many companies also trading globally and online, there are so many different career avenues to explore, many of which are behind the scenes and beyond the shopfloor. While there are hundreds of different jobs in retail, effectively retail work can be categorized into one of six main roles:

Making sure the right products are in the right place at the right time (warehouse attendants, forklift operators, delivery drivers, despatch coordinators, store persons)

Identifying retail products and services (buyers, re-fillers, merchandise planners)

Grabbing the attention of customers (housekeeping, shop fitters, display designers, visual merchandisers)

Using skills and knowledge to close the deal (sales assistants, cashiers and sales representatives)

Planning and coordinating retail operations (supervisors, training managers, operations managers, HR managers, store managers)

Utilising specialist skills (IT, finance, legal, loss prevention, maintenance) to enable retail businesses to operate smoothly