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A critical component of retail is the silent support act of logistics - making sure everything arrives quickly, correctly and without drama. This retail career area oversees movement and storage of consumer products to retail stores and outlets.

Responsibilities include management and facilitation of distribution centres, logistics traffic management, trucking and other transportation operations, and may include import/export shipping and related duties. Jobs include operating a forklift through to managing the supply chain or responsibility for a warehouse.

Tasks may include:

  • Determining the destinations of goods and appropriate delivery routes
  • Assisting with loading to ensure goods are arranged for ease of delivery and safely secured to avoid damage
  • Verifying invoice documentation and confirming completion of orders
  • Recording quantities
  • Arranging and performing unloading operations
  • Receiving incoming goods, checking for damage and discrepancies between goods and invoices
  • Packaging goods
  • Operating equipment or specialised machinery to move, lift and place goods
  • Checking inventories and ordering stock from production departments and wholesalers
  • Investigating supply sources and preparing purchase orders

Every part of the retail business depends on the logistics team.

Tom Jones

Industry profile Tom JonesName: Tom Jones
Age: 27
Place of Work: Retail Parcel Management
Role: Courier
Estimated salary range for this job role: $61-80K

I work for Retail Parcel Management as a courier doing store transfers for retailers. I have a set run everyday for a certain amount of stores and both deliver and pick up items. It is a very flexible role and I have been working for 3 ½ years in the job, after looking for a change from my previous role.

It is a great job as you get to deal with lots of different people, however as you can imagine dealing with lots of different people there can sometimes be some difficult moments.

The best advice I have received has been to agree with everyone. I would say to people entering the industry to be as personable as you can and to be approachable.

“I would encourage others to work in the retail industry because it's great for meeting people and fun!"