Combining people and business skills...

Store managers plan and coordinate the operations of retail outlets. Department managers plan and coordinate the operations of departments or sections of larger retail outlets.

Tasks may include the recruitment and management of staff, sales and customer service, opening and closing the store, managing sales targets and budgets and developing stock management procedures. They are often also responsible for the visual presentation of the store and its merchandise. Managers at all levels supervise and assist sales staff and other employees.Man Male in Shirt and Tie sitting smiling male and female in background out of focus

Store managers have contact with a wide range of people including customers, staff, suppliers and other businesses. They work in a range of businesses including small retail outlets, supermarkets and food outlets, chain stores and department stores.

Most retailers require people in management positions to already have experience working in retail, and some may provide additional training, either on the job or off the job.

If you have a genuine interest in others, are enthusiastic and committed, then management may be a possible career pathway for you.

David Dinino

David DininoName: David Dinino
Age: 24
Place of Work: Get Fresh Findon
Role: Owner/Operator
Estimated salary range for this job role: $41-60K

Originally I didn't want to work in retail, however the lifestyle and atmosphere of working with people pulled me to work for the family business and now I am the owner.

To achieve success, I've had to learn the variety of products, gain an understanding of the industry and its culture in order to get the best for the business and my customers.

As the owner of my own business the role varies on a day to day basis from going to the market to buy produce, quality control, stock rotation, customer service and management. My least favourite part of the job is the early starts at the market!

Working in the industry and owning my own business has made me more mature and I now recognise my responsibilities in the business - I'm accountable for what I do and say. I enjoy dealing with a range of people on a daily basis, and I've gained great friendships, some of which are with customers. I'd certainly encourage others to work in the industry as it's varied, there are a lot of opportunities and it's a lifelong career. My advice is to work hard and take the opportunities when you can.

Joshua Thorpe

Joshua 1Name: Joshua Thorpe
Age: 32
Place of Work: Pencraft
Role: Owner/Manager
Qualifications: Studying Bachelor of International Studies at University
Estimated salary range for this job role: $61-80K

After a stint of travelling I purchased a gift shop in Tanunda, which I owned for four years. With a drive to expand I sought out a luxury goods business and found Pencraft. The management of Pencraft is a diverse role requiring multi-tasking and the ability to adapt to front and back of house.

Attending to clients, stock management, after sales service on repairs and accounts, managing and updating our website are all part of my role. I enjoy the constant growth of the business and the challenges that it presents.

I have become more precise with marketing, building Pencraft as a brand not just a retail store or a boutique, recruiting people that represent Pencraft's mission, creating a working system so each sales associate provides the same service of excellence to every client.

As a relatively young business owner you always have to challenge people's perception. I have learnt to be more creative and innovative which have been key components for me to challenge conventional thinking or even retail behaviour.

Good advice I received is to never give up and always provide the best service. There is a great deal to be learnt in the simple act of serving others. Retail provides you with many life skills and the ability to adjust and adapt to all walks of life. Retail can lead you in to ownership and management of large businesses. It is a great industry to work in.