Predicting the future best sellers..

Buyers source, select and purchase the goods that are sold in retail stores.
They review current stock levels, sales patterns and their competitors' range to plan future stock. They can determine everything from stock levels to the product range. Keeping up to date with new products on the market is very important and retail buyers need to do research and attend trade shows to keep ahead of future trends. This may involve travel to find the most suitable goods for the industry and for seasonal trends, sometimes interstate and overseas.grey Background female denim clothing arms on racks

Buyers often work with visual merchandisers and store managers to determine the best display and promotion methods for products to maximise sales. To support sales they also work with shop sales staff to develop their product knowledge.

They may decide on product pricing, after being involved in negotiating purchase prices from suppliers. Merchandise planners assess, plan and predict stock needs for stores. They are responsible for increasing sales and profit by determining what products, and mix of products, stores should sell.

To achieve this, they work with buyers, store managers and marketing staff to achieve financial targets. In some stores the merchandise planner may also be known as a buyer. They facilitate order follow-up, inventory flow through and allocation of merchandise to stores, attending to issues like flow quantities and timing. Statistical development and analysis are increasingly woven into this retail career area, where team members also develop distribution plans for merchandise categories and subclasses and balance stock unit ratios by store.

“If you have an eye for detail, are forward thinking and able to meet deadlines, then a career in distribution may suit you!"

Dennis Karis

DennisName: Dennis Karis
Place of Work: Shades
Role: Buyer
Estimated salary range for this job role: $70K +

Retail came as an opportunity after visiting an eyewear store in Sydney in the early 80s, and I saw a gap in the market place for fashionable sunglasses. For me, working on the relationships with the suppliers and their range comes first - it's about the direction and the store. You cannot be everything to everybody with buying it's about the right product and the range according to your market. As a buyer I have to research and always be prepared to travel - I love it!

Shades is a unique retail concept, catering from middle to high end eyewear, with a focus on fashion. We carefully select each range including deciding on every style and colour of sunglasses and only stock the worlds best and most exciting brands.

Buying for your market is the critical factor. If I need to travel overseas to discuss the brands with the suppliers then I do it! Every year I travel to Milan, the mecca for those who want to read the future in fashion.

It's not about negotiating it's about the look - the price and the margins. Importantly I try to look five years ahead to keep on top of the market because retail is forever changing. Shade is all about self expression, so as a buyer I am committed to finding new stock to reflect the imagination and personality of or customers. I aim to take the customer out of a narrow conservative past and into a new dimension of style, offering an essential blend of practicality, fashion and individuality.