Fast Food and Take-away

Female Brunette Fast Food Drive Through wearing headset Fast Food offers inexpensive menu selections in disposable packaging provided in minutes - either over the counter or through a driveway service. Fast Food outlets usually operate in chains and meals are eaten on the premises as well as taken elsewhere. Almost one-third of fast food consumers are 18-24 years old.

Over 10,000 people are employed in this sector in South Australia.

Take-away food is usually prepared to order in smaller businesses and although there may be some seating on-site, food usually is eaten away from the premises. About 285,000 people work in more than 36,000 fast food and take-away outlets nationwide.

South Australians spend more than $62 million a month on takeaway and fast food.


Sector Leaflet Fast Food and Takeaway

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Tara Fisher

Tara FisherName: Tara Fisher
Age: 31
Place of Work: Pizza Hut (YUM)
Role: Franchise Business Coach
Qualifications: Currently completing MBA, Sydney Business, Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Management
Estimated salary range for this job role: $70K +

Put simply I'm the main point of contact for my group of 18 franchise partners and YUM. My current role involves coaching franchise partners to achieve sales and profit improvements, working with franchisees and their managers to ensure restaurants are maintained and developed to the highest standards of product quality, service and cleanliness and drive excellence in operational performance. The most enjoyable aspects are seeing a franchisee grow and improve their store.

I have been in retail for seven years, joining YUM restaurants firstly in the KFC brand and then moving through a number of different roles across both KFC and Pizza Hut. I stumbled across the retail industry and this career path partly by accident. Whilst unsure of the direction I was heading I applied initially for a PA role. I had already completed my Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) after initially completing a Bachelor of Management. The interviewers decided I would be better suited to the company's internal Graduate Leadership Program. This entails a series of rotations (eachapproximately a year in length) in different departments before being promoted into a training manager or area manager type role.

When joining YUM, I had to travel quite a distance, leave an office environment to work in store which is a tough environment working with large teams of mixed ages, food, cleaning and hardest of all the customer. This involved shift work, working nights and weekends and compared to prior to joining YUM, my social calendar took a beating as did my ego initially.

Many of my friends who work in professional careers as accountants, trades or office based roles struggled to understand my decision to move from an office based career to 'cooking chicken'. Clearly they didn't understand the longer term vision and career path that I was on. I've been given the opportunities to manage multi-million dollar businesses both at a micro and macro level, managed large teams of people and had the pleasure of seeing them develop and grow their own careers.

"The retail industry offers a huge range of experiences and gives you the ability to understand a business from the ground up. Whilst it's definitely not for the faint hearted, anyone with a bit of grit, determination and above all passion for what they do will be able to have a very fulfilling career in this industry. But remember, successful and enjoyable careers may not always be in the area that you think they will be."


Trang Xuan


Name: Trang Xuan
Age: 19
Place of work: KFC (YUM)
Role: Shift Supervisor
Qualifications: Currently studying Certificate III in Retail Management, Diploma of Business Management, Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Deferred)
Estimated salary range for this job role: $30K - $45K

I started work in the retail industry as a cusual wanting pocket money and independence at the age of 14. Within a year or so I was offered a traineeship through KFC and very quickly realised that this job was part of my broader career pathway. I had always been excited by the size and diversity of the retail industry and now KFC has provided me with some great direction. I really enjoy working with people and providing good customer service.

You get a sense of satisfaction when a customer walks away with both good food and a smile on their face. From working in this industry I have gained responsibility, leadership, developed my confidence and met many diverse people. I would definitely encourage others to work in the industry as the skills you learn are useful throughout all aspects of your life!