Liquor Retailing

male and female looking at wine bottle bottles liquor retailingThe liquor sector sells beer, wines, spirits and ready-to-drink mixed alcohol in a packaged form - cans, bottles or casks - to drink away from the premises.

The drinks are sold in small independent stores; large chain stores; retail outlets attached to hotels, clubs and pubs; and drivethrough outlets.Two large chains have almost half the market share and offer extended career pathways.

More than 25,000Australians are employed in more than 2,800 outlets, with about 1,200 South Australians employed in the sector.

South Australians spend $39.6 million a month on retail liquor products.

Liquor Retailing Sector Leaflet

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Miles Croker

Miles IndustryName: Miles Croker
Age: 30
Place of work: Fassina Liquor Merchants
Role: Assistant Store Manager
Qualifications: Certificate III in Retail Operations, Final stage in Bachelor of Marketing and Communication
Estimated salary range for this job role: $41K - $60K

Retail gives you opportunity to work with energetic, motivated people - and to 'make someone's day' with your passion for products. I started as a supermarket trolley boy at 15, eventually working in all areas (fruit and veg, bakery, check-out, liquor and management). After three years managing another retail outlet, I moved to Fassina's and have been Assistant Manager at two stores. Apart from the usual retail management activities, I help customers with wine selections, organise wine tastings and attend wine tasting functions.

Retail has given me valuable experience in customer relations, life-long friendships and self-confidence.
I work with a great group of people and am part of a family-owned business that respects my input.

Pablo Theodoros

PabloName: Pablo Theodoros
Age: 27
Place of work: East End Cellars
Role: Assistant Manager
Qualifications: Diploma in Hospitality Management
Estimated salary range for this job role: $41K - $60K

While working long hours in hospitality, I found I was most enjoying the wine service aspect. A winemaker told me of a job in a boutique wine cellar and I decided to change industry. Now as an Assistant Manager, I run the website and wholesale side of the business - but I also look after a wine club, do some of the ordering and organise tastings and wine dinners. For me to be able to try some of the best wines in the world is amazing! You also get to meet some great people!

Working in retail offers great hours, relaxed environments and the pleasure of interacting with people face-to-face. Good manners and a strong work ethic will get you far.