Specialty Food

Bakery Baked goods Female holding baking tray specialty foodsSpecialty Food retailers usually focus on one or two types of food - such as meat, fish, poultry, bread, cakes or confectionery - but offer many variations of that product. Nearly 79,000 Australians are employed in specialty food retailing.

Outlets often source pre-packaged goods from wholesalers or processors, although some retailers may alter or create their own products on site - such as butchers and bakers. A number of franchise chains have developed which offer great career pathways. Australians spend more than $5.3 billion a year in the fresh meat, fish and poultry retail sector and more than $3.5 billion a year in the bread and cake retail sector.


Specialty Food Sector Leaflet
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Jemima Nuske

Jemima NuskeName: Jemima Nuske
Age: 33
Place of Work: Haigh's Chocolates
Role: Retail Area Manager SA
Qualifications: Certificate II in Retail, Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Advanced Diploma in Business Management, currently undertaking a Bachelor of Human Resources

My retail career began with a Certificate II in Retail Traineeship at 18. With a taste for knowledge I then became involved in the Young Business Leader Program (Certificate IV in Retail Management). Later, as an experienced and skilled Sales Assistant, I was able to travel overseas and work in various retail stores. On my return, I began with Haigh's as an Easter casual and soon after I progressed to Supervisor and then Manager. Now as the SA Retail Area Manager I am responsible for developing and mentoring the six Adelaide Managers and other staff who work on the shop floor. I love the retail industry and I can't see myself ever leaving. I come to work everyday looking forward to it. I know most people can't say that! When you love it - it's just not hard work!

Lara Bonnici

Lara BonniciName: Lara Bonnici
Age: 22
Place of Work: Bakers Delight
Role: Sales Manager
Qualifications: Certificate III in Retail Operations, currently undertaking a Bachelor of Marketing and Communication
Estimated salary range for this job role: $21K-$40K

Retail gave me opportunities at a very young age and I had two part-time jobs while at school. I started with Bakers Delight at 15 and kept the job while at uni, accepting responsibilities and taking opportunities as they arose. With company-supported training, I made Manager at 18! Putting theory into practice has contributed to high grades in my degree, while helping me grow career-wise and personally. I've introduced new concepts, processes and policies - and enjoy creating incentive programs which boost staff motivation to achieve business objectives. It's unbelievably satisfying to establish goals, achieve them and be recognised for the effort. Retail offers clear and exciting career progression. Take every opportunity to develop workplace qualifications and enjoy the ongoing learning experience!