Jewellery Retailing

Blonde female shop assistant jewellery on counterThis retail sector mostly sells jewellery pieces and watches purchased from Australian or international manufacturers and wholesalers.

Some retailers manufacture part of their product range or special orders for customers. About 1,365 South Australians are employed in the sector - with more than half working in small businesses with less than 20 employees.

Often jewellery stores will sell other gift lines - especially silver products - but also tableware, glassware and clocks. Some jewellery retail businesses will sell second hand goods and offer a repair service but generally the products are sent away from the retail premises to be fixed. Australians spend almost $3.5 billion a year in 4,500 jewellery outlets.


Jewellery Sector Leaflet

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Derek Gregory

DerekName: Derek Gregory
Age: 35
Place of work: James Thredgold Jeweller
Role: Manager
Qualifications: Registered Valuer, Gemmologist, Master Jeweller, HRD Diamond Grader
Estimated salary range for this job role: $61K - $80K

As a Manager, my main role in retail is still customer service - making sure customers are looked after; from the minute they enter the store, until they leave. It's also the most enjoyable part of my job - seeing happy customers who will enjoy their purchase for many years to come. I started in a jewellery apprenticeship 17 years ago and, even then, communication with customers was essential - so moving from the bench to the shop floor was a simple process, with my boss as my mentor.

Confidence is the biggest personal gain from working in retail. Interacting with people all the time means you become more confident - comfortable in your knowledge and your abilities. Just don't give up - believe in yourself!