Specialty Stores

Red Bird Pet Store The 'specialty retailing' sector includes outlets that offer a combination of products and services. Examples include hairdressing, beauty products and services; laundry and dry-cleaning; photographic goods and services; pets, pet supplies, accessories and grooming; car parts, tyres and fitting; and repair and maintenance supplies. Nearly 10,500 people are employed in this sector in South Australia.

Other specialities include health products; hobby supplies; antique and used goods; toys and games; baby equipment and products; and party supplies. Any retailing business that does not fit under any of the other categories will generally be a specialist retailer. More than 163,600 Australians are employed in this sector.

Australians spend more than $2.3 billion a year on antiques and used goods, $1.4 billion a year on toys and games and $705 million on photographic equipment.

Specialty Retailing Sector Leaflet

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Ashish Sidhpura

Ashish_industryName: Ashish Sidhpura
Age: 34
Place of work: Jaycar Electronics Group
Role: Assistant Manager
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, currently undertaking Certificate III in Retail
Estimated salary range for this job role: $41K - $60K

I have been working in retail for four years and am currently studying a Certificate III in Retail. My role as an Assistant Manager involves ordering stock and balancing tills; as well as rostering, managing and training other staff. I assist the Manager in other ways too - but interacting with regular customers is still the most enjoyable part of my work.

Because I come from a non-English speaking background, I also had to master the English language. Working in retail certainly helped me do this and develop personally. I had support to grow my product knowledge and learn how to demonstrate products to customers. My best advice to anyone working in retail is to know all your products well.


Joshua Thorpe

Joshua 1Name: Joshua Thorpe
Age: 32
Place of Work: Pencraft
Role: Owner/Manager
Qualifications: Studying Bachelor of International Studies at University
Estimated salary range for this job role: $61-80K

After a stint of travelling I purchased a gift shop in Tanunda, which I owned for four years. With a drive to expand I sought out a luxury goods business and found Pencraft. The management of Pencraft is a diverse role requiring multi-tasking and the ability to adapt to front and back of house.

Attending to clients, stock management, after sales service on repairs and accounts, managing and updating our website are all part of my role. I enjoy the constant growth of the business and the challenges that it presents.

I have become more precise with marketing, building Pencraft as a brand not just a retail store or a boutique, recruiting people that represent Pencraft's mission, creating a working system so each sales associate provides the same service of excellence to every client.

As a relatively young business owner you always have to challenge people's perception. I have learnt to be more creative and innovative which have been key components for me to challenge conventional thinking or even retail behaviour.

Good advice I received is to never give up and always provide the best service. There is a great deal to be learnt in the simple act of serving others. Retail provides you with many life skills and the ability to adjust and adapt to all walks of life. Retail can lead you in to ownership and management of large businesses. It is a great industry to work in.