Wholesale and Logistics

wholesale and logistics man holding book smile smiling laptop work bench warehouse green shirt grey tieThe wholesale sector purchases products from manufacturers, producers or sometimes importers and then re-sells these products – mostly to trade customers and retailers, but also to institutions (such as governments) and sometimes as bulk product directly to public consumers. 20% of wholesale is to retailers, 20% directly to consumers and 10% to export markets.

Nearly 16,000 South Australians work in wholesale and logistics. Some manufacturers have their own separate sales branches to function as wholesalers. Logistics is the process of purchasing, storing and distributing products to retailers.

Some retailers conduct components of wholesaling and logistics within their own business, especially larger chains that purchase in bulk and distribute among their outlets. For example, a large fashion chain retailer would have an in-house system to manage the purchase, storage, packaging and transfer of stock items between store locations.

460,000 people are employed in wholesaling, in 129,900 establishments across Australia. Australian wholesale revenue tops more than $378 billion a year.

Wholesale & Logistic Sector Leaflet

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Lisa-Marie Ennis

Lisa-MarieName: Lisa-Marie Ennis
Age: 31
Place of work: E.T. Browne Pty Ltd (Palmer's)
Role: Sales Support Representative
Qualifications: Bachelor of Management (Marketing)
Estimated salary range for this job role: $61K - $80K

I started in retail as a supermarket casual, moving into cosmetics sales when I finished school. This provided lots of training opportunities and led to managing a cosmetics counter in a major department store, a job which I maintained part-time while studying my degree. After a period in an advertising agency and an overseas holiday, I became a Marketing Coordinator with a wholesaler/importer of fragrances and skincare. Within 18 months I was Assistant Brand Manager. This led to my current role selling Palmer's Skincare. There's good money to be earned and I've travelled around Australia with work. I love the social aspects of my job as I've met a lot of great people. And working for a wholesale company has also meant I receive lots of free products!


Tom Jones

Industry profile Tom JonesName: Tom Jones
Age: 27
Place of Work: Retail Parcel Management
Role: Courier
Estimated salary range for this job role: $61-80K

I work for Retail Parcel Management as a courier doing store transfers for retailers. I have a set run everyday for a certain amount of stores and both deliver and pick up items. It is a very flexible role and I have been working for 3 ½ years in the job, after looking for a change from my previous role.

It is a great job as you get to deal with lots of different people, however as you can imagine dealing with lots of different people there can sometimes be some difficult moments.

The best advice I have received has been to agree with everyone. I would say to people entering the industry to be as personable as you can and to be approachable.

“I would encourage others to work in the retail industry because it's great for meeting people and fun!"