Entertainment, Communication and Technology

Hand Holding Mobile Phone This sector meets our entertainment, communication and technology needs through a range of specialty outlets offering recorded music; computers, software and accessories; videos and DVDs for sale or hire; electronic games and Playstations; televisions and DVD player/recorders; iPods and telephones. It also includes cinemas and ticketing offices. Just over 4,000 South Australian are employed in this sector.

The close links between technology, entertainment and communication mean some stores stock product ranges across all three fields. Retailers who supply entertainment goods include music stores; video hire and sales stores; cinemas and ticketing offices. More than 57,600 Australians are employed in this sector.

Australians spend more than $4.8 billion a year on computers and software and $1.1 billion a year on recorded music (CDs, DVDs, Music Videos etc).


Entertainment, Communication & Technology Sector Leaflet

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Ben Huxtable

Ben HuxtableName: Ben Huxtable
Age: 27
Place of work: Wallis Cinemas
Role: Cinema Manager
Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Estimated salary range for this job role: $41K - $60K

Initially I only worked as a casual at the cinema for income while I did my degree. I was about to begin a teaching diploma when I was offered an opportunity as a full-time Assistant Manager, so I decided to pursue management instead. I was young and new to the industry so I had to 'earn my stripes', but my manager taught me about customer service and staff management.

Now I enjoy coaching and developing staff to achieve the best result possible and I'm able to explore my interest in local area marketing. I'm involved in everything from stock control to rostering and wage control - plus business development initiatives. I'd certainly encourage others to embrace the opportunities in retail.