Sport Recreation and Leisure

Soccerball Basketball Baseball Ice Hockey Puck Golfball Sport Recreation and leisureThis retail sector caters for organised and casual sport; fitness activities; outdoor pursuits; boating and fishing; camping and a range of other recreational activities. More than 1,200 South Australians are employed in 339 stores.

Boats, outboard motors and boat trailers (new and used) are the 'big ticket' items, while bicycles are the biggest sellers. Other products include fishing gear; equipment for water, snow and skating activities; golf clubs and accessories; bats, sticks, racquets and balls for field and court games. These businesses vary from small specialised product businesses to huge warehouse type stores where a large variety of products are available. One-third of sport sales are to schools and community centres, while 20% of marine sales are to public authorities (e.g. police or rescue organisations).
Most bicycles are for children and teenagers; Baby Boomers are most likely to buy camping equipment and fishing gear, while golf is now more popular with women and younger people.

Australians spend more than $3.3 billion a year on sporting and camping equipment and another$2.5 billion on boats and marine equipment.

Sport, Recreation & Leisure Sector Leaflet

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Sonia Fragnito

SoniaName: Sonia Fragnito
Age: 21
Place of work: Bailetti Sports
Role: Floor Manager
Qualifications: Certificate III in Sport & Recreation, Certificate III in Fitness
Estimated salary range for this job role: $21K - $40K


Retail lets me combine my love of sport and people! After work experience during high school, I did a traineeship through AFL Ready at Bailetti Sports - with both external and on-the-job training. This gave me a qualification and the skills to become a manager. Now, at 21, I create staff rosters; merchandise products; organise training nights; provide on-the-job training; employ and manage other staff. I enjoy talking with customers about new products and I love merchandising - especially the street-front windows.

Working in retail helps you gain confidence in yourself. There's a real family environment, with everyone there to help you be the best you can. You're always learning, which makes it both fun and interesting - and, furthermore, you get paid!


Joe Pantelidis

Jo_Industry Name: Joe Pantelidis
Age: 21
Place of work: Serve Furst
Role: Customer Service Representative
Estimated salary range for this job role: $21K - $40K

Working in retail can bring out the best in you and make you 'step up' to accept responsibility. I was offered my current job because I showed a bright personality and demonstrated that I was willing to learn. Now I enjoy providing quality service to customers and making sure my work environment is well maintained. It can be demanding at times, however I enjoy it most when I am busy with customers. My boss mentors me, and is a role model for me. He always says, "Behave responsibly and be mature - and the rest will follow".

My best advice to other people looking to work in retail is to really enjoy where you are working and meet any challenges head on.