Retail Operations

Certificate II in Retail Services (SIR20207)

Sales Assistant - General
Sales Assistant - Bakery
Sales Assistant - Seafood
Sales Assistant - Cosmetics
Sales Assistant - Deli
Checkout Operator - Department Store
Checkout Operator - Supermarket
Crew Member - Fast Food Outlet
Customer Service Officer - Post Office

Certificate III in Retail Services (SIR30207)

Sales Assistant - Clothing
Sales Assistant - Home Products
Sales Assistant - Specialist Food & Liquor
Sales Team Leader - Electronics
Checkout Supervisor
Sales Administration
Sales Assistant - Books & Newsagency
Shift Manager - Supermarket / Department Store
Shift Manager - Fast Food Outlet
Crew Leader - Fast Food Outlet

Certificate IV in Retail Managment (SIR40207)

Sales Manager
Franchise Sales Manager

Diploma of Retail Managment (SIR50107)

Store Manager
Visual Merchandiser

Diploma of Visual

Merchandising (SIR50107)
Visual Merchandiser