Tertiary Pathways

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Did you know that the University of Wollongong now offers a Master of Retail Management through the Sydney Business School? It's all about moving up and getting ahead, honing your skills and knowledge to give you a competitive edge in the retail industry both nationally and internationally. With a Master of Retail Management you could work anywhere in the world and your study will equip you with strategies for dealing with issues unique to retail and the education necessary to succeed in leadership roles within the sector. Want to know more?

What if you don't already have a degree? You may be eligible for entry into the Graduate Certificate pathways program, also offered by the University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School. The Graduate Certificate in Retail Management will provide you with skills and competencies specific to the retail sector in the disciplines of management and marketing. The degree also offers a choice of supporting elective subjects across several key business disciplines, which you can select according to your professional needs or your career goals. Find more information here

Articulation to university
Retail qualifications you have already acquired will be taken into account should you wish to take your study path further. For example your Certificate IV and Diploma in Retail Management will be taken into consideration and converted into credits. This process is one that takes place on an individual basis usually with the Head of Faculty. The amount of credits you receive is at the discretion of the university.
The advantage to you is:

  • Shorter time studying, depending on the amount of credit you receive
  • Smaller financial outlay for your studies
  • Faster path to your career goals or to the Master of Retail Management.

If you already have a degree in another discipline, the retail industry employs graduates in a variety of roles such as retail buyer, retail sales manager and supply chain manager. Many large retail firms offer graduate programs that train graduates from a wide range of disciplines for leadership and managerial roles. Graduate trainees are usually exposed to all aspects of the business, from marketing and sales to supply management and finance. Industry experience is often an advantage in applying for these programs.

Retail companies have greatly improved their work practices in recent years and are now offering more flexible conditions, quality leadership and a stimulating working environment with good opportunities for advancement