Traineeship Checklist

STEP 1|Understand what an Apprenticeship or Traineeship involves, the role of Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services (TAS) & Australian Apprenticeships Centres (AAC)

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  • Call TAS for an information pack PH: 1800 673 097
  • Find an Australian Apprenticeship Centre.
  • Ask advice from other apprentices or trainees.


STEP 2 | Contact your Australian Apprenticeships Centres (AAC)

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  • DISCUSS PREVIOUS STUDY! - you may be able to apply for credit or it may affect your eligibility in obtaining an apprenticeship and from receiving financial incentives and support schemes.
  • Ask the following:
  1. What is involved in the process from A-Z?

  2. What are you expected to do?

  3. What is the role of the AAC Consultant?

  4. What is the National Training Contract & Training Plan?

  • Discuss finding an employer


STEP 3| Find an employer. Try looking in the paper approaching local businesses or enquire through Job Services Australia.

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  • Draft a list of discussion points to raise with your employer:
  1. Pay - Award rates, Over-time, Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, Superannuation, Pay slips
  2. In store training - after hours
  3. Employee responsibilities - following the businesses policies and procedures
  4. Attending the Registered Training Organisation
  5. Identify your support person in the work place.
  • Is the employer registered with TAS? If not ask them to call TAS on 1800 673 097 to register.


STEP 4| Negotiate your National Training Contract and Training Plan.

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  • Jointly select a nationally accredited RTO with your employer.
  • Discuss the National Training Contract, including:
  1. RTO
  2. The probation period.
  • Develop the Training Plan with your RTO.
  • Keep a copy of the Training Plan for your record.
  • Ensure the AAC consultant is present when the final signatures are added to the application for a National Training Contract.



STEP 5 |Once the National Training Contract is approved you are legally obliged to:

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  • Enrol and commence at an RTO within 3 months of starting the apprenticeship.
  • Attend all off and on the job training as specified in your Training Plan.
  • Maintain your employee responsibilities as specified & negotiated with the employer.
  • Inform your employer, TAS & AAC Consultant of any necessary changes to your National Training Contract.