How to Become a Retail Executive

The Retail Executive Program or RXP is a very exciting career development concept, incorporating a combined Certificate IV and Diploma in Retail Management. But RXP is not just a training program - it offers the following benefits:

Upfront skills recognition - you will have your current and past work experiences and studies assessed before you start the training program, reducing unnecessary repetition of training and fast tracking your progress against retail qualifications.

Professional development - access to industry experts, networks, events and forums that are designed around your needs to provide access to broader industry expertise.

Mentoring - during the program a personal mentor is assigned to you who will be able to be there as both a 'sounding board' and for advice and support related to your learning and development whilst engaged in the RXP.

Individual support - you will receive support from your trainer, your employer and from the retail industry that will assist your skill development and grow your retailing knowledge. You will have one point of contact within the training organisation - this person will be able to assist you with any queries you have.


Pathways to further study

You can go on to university without leaving work by entering a Graduate Certificate in Retail Management program part-time, further developing your RXP skills and knowledge into advanced disciplines of management and marketing; then onto the Master of Retail Management or Master of Business Management. RXP is your
first step on the pathway from a local professional to an international (global) professional.

Service Skills SA has created and developed the Retail Executive Program in direct response to retail industry needs for "highly skilled managers who can hit the ground running". SSSA is delighted that there are now over 800 participants in the program.


Retail Executive Career Pathway Diagram