Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ section

Includes general "Ask the Retail Guru" question and answers, Retail Executive Program and retail careers information.

Q. Does the Industry value the Retail Executive Program training?

A. Yes, there are currently 60 organisations with employees involved in the Program including 20 national organisation who are keen for the Program to be available nationally.


Q. How do I control my cash flow in my business?

A. You need to have a business plan and be committed to a strict budget! You might want to check out this link as a guide.

Q. How much stock do I need to purchase?

A. What are your forecasted sales? Within your business plan you will need to include an analysis of your sales including your forecasted sales, this will help identify the amount of stock required to be purchased.

Q. What is the role of a Retail Executive Mentor?

A. A Retail Executive Mentor is a specifically trained individual who provides advice and support to a Retail Executive participant. A Retail Executive Mentor acts as a sounding board, a 'devil's advocate', cheerleader and evaluator at various times.

Q. I'm currently having challenges with my landlord and need some advice?

A. This can be a very complex area. It is suggested that you contact a professional service provider or association that deals with landlord/leasing matters. E.g. MGA / ARA / SRA (you may need to be a member to get advice).