Working Conditions

Due to the huge variety and diversity of retail jobs there is no one set of working conditions. Depending upon your role in retail, your job may be very physical - such as moving stock and operating a forklift in a warehouse or a more desk-based role requiring critical thinking and number crunching.

Sales assistants are often required to work flexible hours, including late nights and weekends. MostFemale Woman looking forward smile smiling male and female in background sales assistants spend long hours standing up, and the job may involve lifting and carrying. However the shopfloor is considered a vibrant and exciting place to work with the opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis.

Many sales representatives are required to undertake extensive travel as part of their job, which may include country or interstate locations. While standard business hours are the norm for those in buying or supply chain roles, those in retail management often work longer hours. Work can be high pressure, with tight deadlines and expectations to meet targets. Overseas travel opportunities are common for retail buyers.

If you are a people person, there is plenty of face-to-face contact in this industry.